Bingo Printing and Supplies

We  Supply Clubs with the following: Bingo Tickets, Flyers, Bingo, Tote & Raffle Machines listed below, Raffle & Roll Tickets, Dabbers, Pens, Mini Totes, 4 No Quickies, Tote & Bingo Forecast, plus many other items.

Lucky Star

Ideal for small venues including nursing homes, day care centres, pubs, community centres and working men's clubs. Audiences and callers alike will appreciate the large, easy-to-read two sided caller display.

  • Full 90 number callers check display
  • Simple two button operation
  • Jackpot Feature
  • Safe low voltage operation
  • Size 390mm x 180mm


  lucky star bingo screen 

Busy Bee 6 in 1

This is one of the most compact electronic selector systems on the market today. Incorporating 6 different selection systems, it can be used for Bingo, Totes, Lotto Games, Alpha Draws and Raffle Draws.

  • Bingo: Full 90 number callers check display
  • Number of calls displayed / Jackpot Feature
  • Optional remote displays
  • Retains game if power is lost
  • Raffle Draw: Non repeat 0 to 99999
  • Recall up to 500 draws and Optional Rollover
  • Size 300mm x 390mm x 140mm
  busy bee bingo machine

Micron 2000

The bright 6" audience display makes numbers visible from a considerable distance.

  • Full 90 number callers check display
  • Total recall of all 90 numbers at any time
  • Adjustable game length 75,80,90
  • Retains the game if accidentally switched off
  • B.I.N.G.O display for American 75 game
  • Remote audience display option
  • Option to connect to large 90 number check board
  • Size 300mm x 270mm x 170mm
  micron 2000 bingo machine

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